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Reading: Visual Essay: Fantasies and realities of maternity


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Visual Essay and Work in Progress

Visual Essay: Fantasies and realities of maternity


Rebecca Baillie

About Rebecca
Rebecca Baillieis a doctoral candidate in the Department of Art History and Theory at Essex University under the supervision of Margaret Iversen. Her research takes a new look at the old story of melancholy, focused through the lens of feminist theory and women artists; the thesis is called A Nest of Empty Boxes: Women and Melancholy made Visible. She has recently become a member of the MaMSIE steering committee with the role of increasing discussion around the maternal and visual art, and also with the view to building up a trans-historical image library of work related to the maternal. She works closely with many contemporary women artists and has co-curated a forthcoming exhibition called Braided Together: Hair in the work of Contemporary Women Artists. Along with an essay on the photographer Elina Brotherus to be published in Women's Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, the work published in Studies in the Maternal will be her first to date. Rebecca is also a mother and a practicing artist. She lives and works in London, UK.
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How to Cite: Baillie, R., 2011. Visual Essay: Fantasies and realities of maternity. Studies in the Maternal, 3(1), pp.1–6. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 2011.


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