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Reading: The Mistress of Nothing


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Creative Writing

The Mistress of Nothing


Kate Pullinger

About Kate
Kate Pullinger writes fiction for both print and digital media. Her most recent book is A Curious Dream: Collected Stories (Canada 2011); her novel is The Mistress of Nothing won the GG, Canada's Governor General's Literary Award for Fiction, 2009. Other books include A Little Stranger (2006), Weird Sister (1999) and the short story collection My Life as a Girl in a Men's Prison (1997). Pullinger's many digital fiction projects include her multiple award-winning collaboration with Chris Joseph on 'Inanimate Alice', a multimedia episodic digital fiction – – and 'Flight Paths' – – a networked novel. Kate Pullinger is Reader in Creative Writing and New Media at De Montfort University; she lives in London.
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‘The Mistress of Nothing’ is based on the true story of Lady Lucie Duff Gordon and her maid, Sally Naldrett, who settled in Egypt in 1863. This extract contains the first two chapters of the novel. The novel was published in 2009; it went on to win Canada’s Governor General’s Award for Fiction that year.
How to Cite: Pullinger, K., 2011. The Mistress of Nothing. Studies in the Maternal, 3(2), pp.1–12. DOI:
Published on 01 Jul 2011.


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