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Reading: "I've Got You Under My Skin": The Embodied Relationship With The Baby Within


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"I've Got You Under My Skin": The Embodied Relationship With The Baby Within


Agnė Matulaitė

About Agnė
Agnė Matulaitė is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist with a private practice in Vilnius, Lithuania. She teaches phenomenological research methods and body psychotherapy. Her research centres on motherhood, pregnancy and prenatal testing. Her recent topics of research include: 'Being Pregnant in Post-Soviet Society', 'Narratives of The Body and Embodied Relationship in Body Psychotherapy', 'Culturally Lived Body Phenomenology in Pregnancy' and 'Whose Body is this anyway? Subjective Experience of the Self and Healthcare Practices'. She is a member of The European Association of Body Psychotherapy, The Lithuanian Psychotherapeutic Society, The Lithuanian Psychological Association and is a faculty member at Vilnius University.
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This paper describes a longitudinal qualitative phenomenological investigation of the subjective embodied bodily experiences of mothers-to-be in relation to their babies within. Using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA), this paper draws on thirty semi-structured interviews conducted with six women during and after their pregnancies. It aims to capture the richness and complexity of the women's lived experience during the transition to motherhood, emphasising the idea of change as a process.

How to Cite: Matulaitė, A., 2012. \"I've Got You Under My Skin\": The Embodied Relationship With The Baby Within. Studies in the Maternal, 4(1), pp.1–22. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 2012.
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