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Reading: The night we first made love (after how long?)


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The night we first made love (after how long?)


Shira Richter

About Shira
Shira Richter is an American-Israeli multi- and inter-disciplinary feminist artist, speaker, activist and independent researcher who works across many mediums. She is the creator of the award winning political adventure TV film Two States of Mind – coined 'Thelma and Louise of the Middle East' – which cinematically implements UN resolution 1325 for the inclusion of women in conflict zone negotiation teams. Her photography and text project, The Mother, Daughter and Holy Spirit, visually exposes topographical secrets of the transition into the land of motherhood and is part of her activism in post partum depression prevention. Her large scale installation project – Invisible Invaluables: status symbols for the invisible economy of mothering – ARTiculates the irony of the high status of motherhood in light of its non existing economic status. Richter has developed 'visual performance lectures' with her projects, in which she facilitates between academic knowledge, the art world and the public sphere. She is one of the initiators of the campaign to include gender studies in the public educational system and for her children, has become active in questioning the classical practice of homework. A recipient of several artistic and cinematic awards, including the Hertzliya Art residency, she teaches at the College of Management Academic Studies, and is a freelance lecturer at Tel Aviv University, The Kibbutzim College, the Unit for Equality between the Sexes and the Musrara Photography School, among others.
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The night we made love
How to Cite: Richter, S., 2013. The night we first made love (after how long?). Studies in the Maternal, 5(1), pp.1–2. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 2013.
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