I have been photographing my children, Eden and Emmanuelle since I got pregnant in 2003. I photograph as a mother, from a mother's point of view, showing the different aspects of motherhood as I see them; the beautiful and the ugly, the magic and the frustration, the extremes that live side by side when you are a mother. I try to photograph them all.

Crying, sadness, anxiety, mourning the body I will never have again, the woman I will never be again. The strong physical connection to the children, erotic at times, something I found out many mothers experience but do not talk about much.

With my images I try to sing a love song to my children, they are my inspiration. Their love, sadness, joy and neediness are for me the most meaningful moments of my life, the moments I want to photograph and preserve. Those images are taken from my life, they are very personal, they are about being a mother, being a child, the intensity of raising a child. This work is about the essence of being human.

Pregnant 2004. 30x40 inch, color print

Elinor Carucci Pregnant 2004 color print 30x40 inch

Holding Eden for the first time 2004

Elinor Carucci Holding Eden for the first time 2004 color print 30x40 inch

Elinor Carucci, 'The First Week'

Elinor Carucci The first week 2004 color print 30x40 inch

Elinor Carucci, 'Bath'

Elinor Carucci Bath 2006 color print 30x40 inch